عرض نتيجة واحدة

MLILY’s inception happened in the United States. Exponential growth led to expansion in Asia and setting major production units across China. MLILY is now a leading Chinese manufacturer of mattresses & bedding products which has seen worldwide growth over the last 7 years by offering exceptional value on premium products.


Operates over 100 shops and has a great retail base in United States and Europe
MLILY exports to 10 countries including the UK, USA, Japan, Singapore and Australia.
MLILY is the largest producer of foam within Asia and exports 500+ containers a month to its partners around the world for distribution
Investment into people and machinery, the current factory is at the cutting edge of modern technology and boasts the world’s most advanced air suspension system for moulded pillows with over 600,000 being produced monthly.

Above All…

Above all MLILY is committed to producing high premium products at exceptional value. That is why our growth continues to vastly outstrip that of our competitors. We are dedicated to providing the most comfortable, customized sleep for our clients so that they may perform daily at the highest levels of success. Thanks to our recent partnership with world renown brand Manchester United, we really are the #LegendOfComfort

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