The Evolution of Mattress In A Box And How It Benefits You


What price are you ready to pay for a good night’s sleep? Before you answer, let me notify you that prominent sleep bodies have recommended that while buying a bed, spend as much as you can.

If you understand the importance of good sleep, you would even forgo holidays you planned for this summer or the thought of buying that latest car. After all, we do need seven to eight hours’ of sleep a night to live happily. You can buy any of the new-found memory foam mattresses online, but the things about mattress in a box is that it is something altogether different.

The industry has come up with the idea of wellness in a box to make quality mattresses available to all even at faraway places. Mattress in a box is the best memory foam mattress that comes compressed, rolled and is delivered to your doorstep.

Let us see how it all started out. The concept of compressing mattress in a box was thought by two American software engineers, and later, the philosophy and design inspired many entrepreneurs around the world. It has been a couple of decades since this innovation.

Also, it is a fact that the construction process of the older-generation foam mattress is outdated. It comes thick and heavy.

Earlier, people used to sleep on spring-based mattresses — a traditional mattress, full of pocket springs with individual coils wrapped in a fabric pocket. In recent times, foam is overtaking springs in every way. Also, much of the mattresses today are bought online, and many are ‘mattress in a box’ kind.

Boxed mattresses are made of layers of different foam grades that are designed to resist motion transfer and are topped with a new-generation open-cell foam that eliminates the sweatiness sink associated with a traditional memory foam mattress.

Also, it is essential to know that foam in ‘mattress in a box’ kind of mattress come in different styles. The foam can be fluid, firm or floppy depending on the chemistry of the materials used. The level of sink-to-bounce ratio you want in a mattress is something you decide for yourself. The challenge for you is to find a mattress with the right balance: not too soft and not too hard.

The mattress manufacturers work to stand out through constant innovation driven by teams of dedicated engineers testing new materials. Hence, new mattresses are mostly good having the capability to transform the quality of your sleep.

Thus, mattress in a box has opened new doors of quality and satisfaction for customers. You’ll be getting many features when you buy a boxed mattress offering you high level of comfort in sleeping.

The Benefits of Buying A Mattress Online


Mattress buying was for long a sector dominated by retailers. The mega retail stores were the only go to point for people wanting to buy new mattresses. But things have not stayed the same. Like many other objects, a mattress is also getting sold online in Dubai and other cities across the world.

The direct-to-consumer online start-ups have changed everything about buying a mattress. And the global trends have undoubtedly found their way to Dubai. Buying a mattress online is commonplace today.

Below are a couple of reasons why you should buy a mattress online over purchasing it from a physical store:


One reason for the mattress sold online being cheap is the absence of overhead costs associated with a physical store. Low margins result in a low price for mattress sold online.

Convenience & Appeal

Let us deconstruct the process of purchasing a mattress and compare the convenience while buying it online vs offline.

Buying a mattress is a significant investment, and you would want to bring home a mattress that is right for you. It should not be a rushed decision. Online mattress sellers have made it convenient for you to select the right mattress.

Online marketplaces allow you to test the mattress you order, for a sufficient time—anything from a week to a month—before you finalise keeping it for good. This way, you know exactly how it feels to sleep on that mattress for the whole night, night after night, against guessing the best fit in a short time in a crowded store when you buy mattress offline.

People are starting to order a mattress online, have it delivered, and try it privately in the comfort of their homes.

Availability of Choicest Mattress

Most mattress providers in Dubai offer a selective range of mattresses that are available in different sizes. The mattresses come with a return option.

Retail mattress providers mostly sell various different types and brands. In the complexity of choices available, it becomes difficult to zero in one mattress that would be apt for you. In this way, selling one right mattress done by online mattress sellers makes more sense.

Thus, while there will be people who’ll want to buy mattress from a physical store, the number of people wanting to buy mattress online is increasing because of the many benefits associated with it.

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