Memory Foam Gel Infused Pillow (Standard)

AED 239 AED 120 Prices are inclusive of VAT


Memory FoamCooling Gel Infused Standard Pillow that offers optimum support and posture correction to your neck and shoulder joints. Ideal for back and side-sleepers who struggle with neck and shoulder pain.


  • COOLING-GEL TECH PILLOW:Advance COOL-TECH cooling gel technology and fabric gives you cool, sweat free snug and comfort all night
  • MEDIUM-FIRM FEEL:Perfectly balanced not too hard not too soft Pillow. Best suited for back and side sleepers.
  • COOL-TECH GEL MEMORY FOAM:Technology and contoured designed to give support to head, neck, and shoulders. INFUSED-GEL for uniform cooling effect.
  • Hypo-allergenic