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Kids & Teens

Shopping for the best mattress for your children might seem like a simple and painless process, but are you actually selecting the most appropriate mattress for them.
It is easy for parents to pay more attention to a child’s bed frame, comforters, and bed sheets than to the mattress . Children sleep longer and deeper than adults, and the proper mattress is crucial to their health, attention span, memory, and stress level, among other things. Let’s not forget the occasional spills and wear and tear kids mattresses endure. A quality mattress plays an undeniable role in allowing the child to sleep deeply and wake up with a readiness to face the day ahead. So buying the right mattress for your child is actually a very important decision.
To make sure your little one gets a great night’s sleep get a quality mattress from MATTRESS SOUQ KIDS & TEENS. Our children’s mattresses in medium and medium firm comfort grades are perfect for your child’s first bed. We have the best quality Baby, Kids & Teen mattresses for the age groups 0-4 years, 4-12 years and 13-19 years. Designed with kids in mind, the Mattress Souq Kids & Teens mattresses features a comfortable medium-firm support and quality materials throughout. From luxuriously quilted cotton fabric to our innovative construction, we stand behind our quality workmanship with a limited warranty and long lasting durability.
Why mattress souq kids & teens mattress?

No harmful chemicals.
Allergy-friendly design.
Easy to Care design.
Supportive & Responsive.
Premium Quality Foam.
Better temperature regulation.
Breathable materials

The mattress souq kids & teens mattress features include:

Spring Technology
Advanced technology that provides deep down support for additional conformance, superior performance and durability.
Mattress Edge Support
Full perimeter edge support system adds stability, and provides a firm seating edge
Comfort Layers
High quality foam and comfort layers to provide a variety of exceptional comfort choices. Built for comfort performance and durability.
Quality Fabric
To promote a longer life for the mattress, creating a hygienic sleep surface by protecting from allergies.