Memory Foam Mattress

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Invented for astronauts to sleep in space for pressure relief

  • Memory foam was invented by NASA for Astronauts to sleep in space.
  • Memory foam reacts to body heat and takes the shape of body thus providing best support and pressure release.
  • Best suited for back pain and joint pain relief

We offer a wide variety of high-quality mattresses for those looking to buy a foam mattress in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. As the most preferred mattress store in the country, we bring you a complete range of first-rate quality products from leading international brands like Spring Air and Spring Wall.

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Benefits of choosing memory foam mattresses from Mattress Souq

These mattresses provide comfort and relief against body pains, aches and soreness. They are innovatively designed to conform to the sleeping position of the user, ensuring optimum comfort levels all throughout the night.

For even better sleep and comfort, our mattresses come in different levels of firmness so you could pick the best one for you. Our selection of mattresses also includes latex foam and conforma foam types, which provide enhanced pressure relief and motion absorption for a more relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Find the best quality foam mattresses in UAE

Aside from free nationwide shipping, our products come with up to 10 years of warranty. We also offer 10 nights of trial period – test and sleep on your bed for 10 nights, and if you are not 100% satisfied with it, we’ll pick it up from your home for free and give you back a full refund or product exchange. We are positive and confident that you will love our products once you have tried and tested it.

We put customer satisfaction above all and that is why we continue to source and provide high-quality and long lasting products to customers within the UAE, while making sure these are available at very affordable prices.

Thinking of buying a new mattress? Check our broad range of products, order online and we’ll make sure you get it without any hassle!

  1. What is a memory foam mattress?

    A memory foam mattress is a mattress that moulds in response to your body heat and pressure. It evenly distributes your body weight and offers you ultimate comfort and support while sleeping.

    The mattress is made from memory foam—an ultra-supportive material that conforms to body shape. It provides extra cushioning and comfort to your neck, hips, and shoulders.

  2. What is the difference between a spring mattress and a memory foam mattress?

    Spring mattress and memory foam mattress differ in terms of comfort and support they provide.

    A spring mattress reflects the pressure, providing a bouncy feel. Whereas a memory foam mattress absorbs the pressure, distributing your body weight evenly.

    A spring mattress does not provide pressure point relief as it pushbacks against your body weight. On the other hand, pressure points significantly reduce using a memory foam mattress.

  3. What are the benefits of memory foam mattress?

    Top benefits of memory foam mattress:

    • It evenly distributes body weight
    • It reduces back pain, body aches, and soreness in the body
    • It relieves pressure from the body by reducing pressure points
    • Because of no bounce, there is no motion transfer between partners
    • It is hypoallergenic as there is no space for dust mites in the mattress
  4. How long does a memory foam mattress last?

    Typically, a memory foam mattress lasts for eight to ten years. However, the lifespan of a memory foam mattress is dependent on several factors like foam density, quality, usage, etc.

    A memory foam mattress with high-density foam is the most durable type. The quality of material used in making the mattress hugely affects its longevity.

  5. How much does a memory foam mattress cost?

    The cost of a memory foam mattress ranges between AED 424 and 2816 on .

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