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Shop For Pillows On Mattress Souq

Nothing can compare to the satisfaction you get when you rest your head against a soft pillow at the end of a tiresome day. When you think of bed pillows, you think of comfort and support for your head. At Mattress Souq, we provide a vast range of pillows that support each sleeping style. Buy memory foam pillow, super soft pillow and fiber pillow among other types of pillows at the best price online at Mattress Souq.

Find A Pillow That Suits You The Best

No one pillow is suitable for everyone. Side sleepers can use firm pillows, stomach sleepers do better with soft pillows, and for back sleepers, medium pillows work best. If you cannot figure out which is the best pillow for you, think about the thickness and firmness you need in your pillow. Following are the types of pillows available at Mattress Souq:

  • Memory Foam Pillow Cool Gel with Cool Fabric (Standard and Contour)
    The Memory Foam Natural Pillow is ideal for those looking for a supportive, comfortable pillow. It is constructed with a temperature sensitive material that is molding to head and neck. It is firmer and hence provides a perfect contour and support to your head. It minimises pressure points in your head for a fantastic night’s sleep.
  • Memory Foam Natural Gel Series (Standard and Contour)
    The Memory Foam Natural Gel Pillow features a unique fusion of cooling gel and advanced memory foam, which work together to enhance blood circulation in your head while providing an exceptional head and neck support.
  • Mother Baby Pillow
    Enjoy a restful night’s sleep by relaxing into Mother Baby Pillows. The pillow is non-allergenic with polycotton cover and soft hollow fibre filling providing the ultimate in comfort and luxury.
  • Super Soft Classic Pillow
    The Super Soft Classic pillow is an ideal choice when you want a perfectly balanced comfort and support. Created using 100% hollow fibre fillings, it features a soft-touch polycotton cover for consistent luxurious comfort.
  • Super Soft Hush Pillow
    Enjoy profound sleep by relaxing into these sumptuously soft pillows designed to offer a feeling of comfort and warmth. With a comfortable polycotton cover, these pillows are non-allergenic.
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow
    This practical neck pillow keeps your neck well-supported while sleeping. It has a comfortable shape with a modern look. The plush texture of the pillow ensures utmost cosiness, proper support and helps avoid sprain. It provides comfort to neck when on a flight or travelling on the road. It is both dust mite and allergen resistant.
  • Fiber Pillows
    For a luxurious night’s sleep every night, drift off with this pair of sumptuously soft pillows. The filling offers superior comfort, is light and offers exceptional softness. Together with polycotton cover, Fiber Pillows are the best pillows available for purchase on Mattress Souq.
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