Biggest Mattress Trending in 2021

Are you looking for the best mattresses online?

Then you must know about the biggest mattress trends for the last few years. When it comes to getting the perfect mattress for your good night’s sleep, you need to consider the popular trends that are prevalent during recent times. Mattresses are the most important part and affect the different patterns of sleep. Work from Home due to the Pandemic has spiked the consumer demand over the last year, as most people spend their time at home owing to the pandemic. In this blog, we are going to explain the different mattress trends that have become popular during the pandemic.

Different Mattress Trends

Natural and Organic Mattress

People are getting more and more aware & concerned about the environment, people are getting inclined towards choosing environmentally conscious products. If you are looking for the best mattress online, then your search ends here. Our mattress manufacturing focuses on curating eco-friendly materials that have grown over a couple of years.

For Studio accommodation or big apartments, a bedroom can easily accommodate a king-size bed or a queen-size bed. Finding the right mattress matching your sleeping comforts and posture is of absolute importance. With our mattress designers, you can get ample options to naturalize your bedroom with organic mattress choices. One can bring ethically sourced latex from renewable resources like organic cotton, natural wool, and much more.

Customizable Mattress

Only a handful of UAE brands offer completely customizable mattress options. Customized mattresses give the flexibility to customers to select their own mattress, furniture, bed or other kinds of bed, and much more. This enables them to select certain materials for their mattress. Customizable mattresses make them relevant for different sleeping postures and preferences. Under Our sleep expert’s supervision as to which type of mattress may suit their sleeping preferences habits & posture etc. and then select the right fit for themselves.

As more people spend time working 8 to 10 hours a day, they are more likely they get backaches and pain. This results in increased demand for lower back support mattresses with extra mattress toppers.

Memory Foam Mattress

Among the various popular mattresses, memory foam mattresses are most used mattress in the world. This type of mattress molds to the shape of your body when you sleep. Owing to its sensitivity to bouncing and pressure, it gets to the body shape as you take your posture while sleeping. Are you looking for a double bed mattress? Then memory foam can be a great choice as it administers comfort relieving from back pain, joint pain, and many more. It is dust-mites resistant and has a heat-absorbing capacity.

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is the best-selling mattress of all. Made from steel coil, it provides effective internal support. Owing to its highly affordable range and easy availability, it has become popular among consumers all across UAE. Mattress Souq is the leading mattress manufacturer that curates quality mattresses with high-quality materials. This can be a great choice for a single bed mattress.

Latex Mattress

Coming to the organic and natural mattress choices, latex mattress is made from rubber plants. It is completely obtained from natural resources and has a huge demand in the mattress bedding industry due to its durability and sturdiness. The mechanism is identical to that of a memory foam mattress that gives a bouncing-back and sinking-in sensation effect. It is a sustainable biodegradable item that lasts a very long time in addition to comfort.

Pillow Top Mattress

Achieving more levels of comfort is now successful with the multiple layers of padding combined with innerspring. This is a type of spring mattress that offers complete comfort and softness, coming from the intensive layers of padding. From cooling to bouncing sensation, extensive durability, and sumptuous comfort, it has a flair of advantages. The material framework of such mattresses is of cotton, foam, memory foam, latex, fiber film, and many more.

Poly Foam Mattress

The polyfoam mattress is one of the most budget-friendly mattress solutions. The material polyfoam is often of less density making it the best top layer of spring mattresses. Bachelors and single people living alone can opt for this kind of mattress. It fits well in a single bed and is also a great choice when it comes to budget.

Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses have become prevalent during the last few years. When amalgamated with memory foam, it renders luxurious comfort and leads to serene night sleep. These types of mattresses are infused with gel and thus, administer enough support at the time of sleeping. As it is heat resistant and does not absorb heat, a general cool temperature is maintained within it.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a great fit when it comes to king-size bed mattress designs. This kind of mattress is the right combination of innerspring with memory foam, latex, and HR foam. It is a complete package offering bounce-back sensation, instant comfort, softness, sumptuousness, and firmness altogether. Among the biggest hybrid mattress trends, the aforesaid are the popular ones. For the master bedroom, the perfect bed with the best suitable mattress is enough to ward away all tiredness after the long day’s end.

Whenever you feel the necessity to buy a new mattress for your bed, make sure that you have done proper research on the material, comfort, and budget. It is always recommended to consult a sleep expert and acknowledge the product details and then purchase. Are you looking for a suitable mattress for your bed? Mattress Souq is the leading Mattress brand in UAE that is one of the best mattress brands in UAE. It provides sufficient flexibility to customers that can browse different items and free sleep expert consultation to purchase the best quality mattress. Distinct sizes of beds include a double bed, single bed, queen size bed, and king size bed.

Decide What Suits Your Body Type-A Firm Mattress or A Soft Mattress

A right mattress is directly proportional to a good night’s sleep. Thus, choosing the right mattress is vital for you. Good quality sleep plays a significant role in your general health and wellbeing.

The types of mattresses in Dubai are enormous. One of the critical decisions in mattress buying is choosing between a firm and a soft mattress. While the choice is extremely personal, below is some information to help you with buying a mattress in Dubai.

Difference Between Firm and Soft Mattress

The primary difference between a firm and a soft mattress is their feel. While a firm mattress is rigid to touch and has less give, a soft mattress compresses easily on pressure application.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both firm and soft mattress:

Firm Mattress


  • As a firm mattress sags less, your body weight gets evenly distributed over it
  • A firm mattress is better for back sleepers and stomach sleepers as it provides a more even surface
  • If you do not have much trouble with back pain, a firm mattress can prove to be more comfortable
  • Muscles are less strained on a firmer surface as the bones absorb most of the pressure resulting in less stress on muscles and better blood circulation
  • A firm mattress prevents your lower back from crumbling, which allows for more oxygen intake during sleep


  • The change from a softer mattress to a harder mattress can feel pretty uncomfortable in the beginning
  • For back problems like arthritis and scoliosis, a firm mattress can exacerbate the pain

Soft Mattress


  • A soft mattress is the recommended type for people experiencing back pain or those having pre-existing back problems
  • A soft mattress suits lighter individuals
  • A soft mattress suits side sleepers as it gives better cushioning to the shoulders, hips, and spine


  • A soft mattress can cause back problems for back sleepers and stomach sleepers
  • It can also cause trouble to bed sharers
  • A soft mattress may also be less durable than its firm counterpart as all types of mattress tend to soften over time

How To Decide What Suits Your Body Type

The two main criteria when it comes to deciding a mattress are if you suffer from back pain, and your sleeping style. If you do not suffer from back pain and sleep on your back or stomach, a firmer mattress will better suit you. On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper or have back issues, you must go for a soft mattress.

Another vital thing to consider is weight. For example, for a heavier person, a firm mattress can turn into soft, and for a lighter person, even a soft mattress may not provide a good give.

The significant thing here is to test out a mattress properly by sleeping on it before buying. Simply sitting won’t cut it.