Buying Guide ! Choose your Mattress

Selecting And Buying A Wrong Mattress Is Very Stressful And Can Affect Your Health And Lifestyle Negatively.


Don’t Worry We Are Here To Guide You Simply Follow These 5 Points.

1) What Is Your Budget?

  • Budget varies from person-to-person.
  • Pay for Quality– A mattress is a long term capital investment
  • Most mattress are warrantied from 5 to 10 year
  • Best of the mattress do not cost more than 1 AED PER DAY

We have Mattress to suit every budget

Example –
Royal Wake Fresh size 200×200 price AED 3,497 WARRANTY 10 YEARS
the cost per day is less than AED 1/day.

2) What Type Of Mattress Do You Need?

The type of mattress each person needs varies from person to person and upon personal preference.

  • Bonnel Springs/open coilFirmer feel traditional Coil system

    • Traditional spring system mattress
    • Durable & Firm support
    • Prevents back pain

  • Pocket Springs MattressAdvance independent coil system for medium firm to plush comfort.

    • Pocketed springs are individually placed in the mattress
    • Each spring is not connected to each other and is individually wrapped in non-woven fabric.
    • Hence the mattress provides better spine support and motion cancellation.

  • Latex mattress. Natural foam for anti-allergy and spine support

    • Latex is a natural product its antibacterial and dust mite resistant.
    • Latex mattress provides medium to soft comfort.
    • Best suitable for people with allergies and children, highly durable.
    • Cooling properties and comfort. Latex is known for its great responsiveness, comfort, bounce, and cooling.

  • Memory Foam Mattress Invented for Astronauts to sleep in space for pressure relief

    • Memory foam was invented by NASA for Astronauts to sleep in space.
    • Memory foam reacts to body heat and takes the shape of body thus providing best support and pressure release.
    • Best suited for back pain and joint pain relief

  • Gel Foam Mattress or Pad Keeps your body cool while sleeping with all the benefits of memory foam

    Keeps your body cool while sleeping with all the benefits of memory foam

    • Cooling gel infused/layered memory foam gives you all the benefits of memory foam with additional benefit of cool sleeping surface.
    • Best suited for people who sweat while sleeping and ideal for regions with high summer temperature.

  • Rebonded/Medicated Foam Mattress For firm orthopedic support

    • Compressed PU foam is called medical.
    • Medical foam gives extra hard /firm back support.
    • Best suited for senior age individuals or only if recommended by a health professional.

  • Hybrid Mattress For benefits of all types of comfort layers

    • When two energies are merged to run an engine it’s called and Hybrid.
    • When two or more layers of comfort (foam/Latex/Memory foam) are used along with inner springs/foam based for extra support and comfort benefits it’s called and hybrid mattress.
    • Best suited for people looking for luxury pain relief sleep surface.

3) What Level Of Comfort You Need?

Mattresssouq has a unique Comfortometer to help you select the perfect comfort and feel you need.

Each mattress comfort level can be measured from plush feel to firm feel.


4) What Kind Of Sleeper You Are?

  • Side SleeperA medium plush to medium firm level of firmness is best suited, usually something with softness and a lot of support.
  • Back sleepersA medium firm to firm level of firmness is best suited. Support and firmness are both critical for back sleepers.A mattress that is too soft will create pressure points on the sleeper, not providing the right amount of push back they need.
  • Stomach SleeperA firm to extra firm mattress is best suited.The torso will apply the most pressure to the mattress for stomach sleepers. They need a mattress that provides equal support across their body.If the mid-section sinks at the middle of the mattress (mattress is too soft) the sleeper will see a curving of the spine, causing lower back pain and other problems.
  • How much do you weigh and what is your body type?The heavier you are, the more the support foams have to work to provide optimal comfort. Weight effects how much support you will receive from your mattress based on total sinkage and pressure points.A luxury medium firm mattress is best suited for heavier people.Support from a mattress is directly related to your body weight.