Our Story

Harry and Niddy who were family friends for 30 years met at a get together and were chatting about a business startup idea.

Harry has an extensive experience of 25 years in manufacturing, project management/designing in sleep related industry in south East Asia and Middle East. He is also known as Sleep-scientist.

Niddy begets an experience of 15 years in investment banking, finance, fashions and home décor in UK and UAE. She is also known as a financial wizard.

The next day Mattresssouq was born and by mid of 2017, both Harry and Niddy started working together to bring in premium sleep products at an honest and fair cost With the highest quality of premium raw materials.

  • The fabric – Procured from 100+ years old Textile Company from Belgium.
  • The Foam -Specialty foam, freshly manufactured and cut on German machines in UAE
  • The Manufacturing – Sewing and finishing at a world class manufacturing unit in UAE.

Both worked very closely with International Brands from USA and Canada for further development of new products.

Harry and Niddy both believed that only one or two products could not be suitable for all, as each individual is different in demography, gender, weight, age, height, sleeping habits & hygiene and various other aspects. These individual characteristics play a vital role in preferences and selection of the right mattress.

Since UAE has multinationality profile with multiple preferences, Mattresssouq designed & developed a wide range of more than 20 types of mattress to suit all.

  • Mattresssouq have the right mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers
  • Mattresssouq have the mattress covering all spectrum of firmness/ comfort
  • Mattresssouq have the mattress that support your need
  • Mattresssouq have some mattress which are industry defining products.


Our Mission Our mission is two-fold

  • A mattress is not just about sleeping, it is a place to rest, to rejuvenate, recharge and de-stress your Mind, Body and Soul.
  • A well refreshed body is the abode of a powerful mind and peaceful spirit. So, we created the Magic of Sound Sleep, which is the source of your best energies with sound sleep.
  • You beget positivity which turns you into the Best Person, the Best Friend, the Best Player, the Best Boss and the BEST in all your relationships at every sphere of your life.