3 Reasons Why Your Mattress Needs A Protector

The mattress forms the most important part of the bed. Sleep, as we know it, would be dramatically different if we didn’t have mattresses on our beds. They provide support and cushioning, and make it possible to have a good night’s rest.

But what if your mattress is not as safe a haven as you think it is? It needs an additional layer of protection, in the form of a mattress protector. The protector may be snapped on like a fitted sheet, or tucked in the sides like a bed sheet.

Consider 3 reasons why you must get a bed mattress protector today:

#1 Your mattress is dirty – and you don’t know it.

The mattress bears not just your weight, but also the brunt of several bodily secretions. Every time it is in use, you leave behind hair, dead skin, sweat and other bodily emissions on the bed. You might argue that the bed sheet covering the mattress takes care of these things – but some of these impurities are bound to slip through the bed sheet fibres and settle on the mattress below. There might even be liquid spills on the bed. Over time, these impurities keep building up steadily and penetrating the mattress’s internal structure. Just imagine what a hotbed of fungal and microbial activity your mattress is. And you’re sleeping on this dirty surface for years! Just do the wise thing and get a mattress protector. Chuck it in the wash with the rest of the bed linen whenever required.

#2 It’s good for those with respiratory issues.

Apropos the many impurities that your mattress is rife with as mentioned above, it is pertinent to mention that these same impurities may fire up allergies and even trigger respiratory distress in some. There are several cases of lung disease, asthma and breathing distress in Dubai, and these are not helped by inhaling or being in close contact with spores or microbes in the mattress. But if you have a clean bed mattress protector, the possibility of skin allergies and respiratory distress are dramatically reduced.

#3 It saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Most people balk at the idea of investing in a mattress protector because they think it’s an unnecessary expense. They believe that the bed sheet can easily do the job of protecting the mattress. However, the bed sheet is not equipped to protect the mattress in any way – it is simply a covering on the top. Using a protector ensures that the top surface and by extension, the internal structure of the mattress, are protected from various impurities, spores, bacterial and fungal growths. Thus, the mattress life is increased, and you don’t need to invest in a new one for years to come. How’s that for a money saving idea?

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