Ortho Posture Support Mattress

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100 x 190

Starting * AED 454

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ORTHO POSTURE SUPPORT mattress is made from a combination of re-bonded foam, high density super soft foam and memory foam with elegant quilting on top which promotes a deep rejuvenating sleep experience. High density super soft foam, sandwiched between firm grade re-bonded and memory foam gives the spine a proper alignment and helps in blood circulation.

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Ortho Posture Support Features:

  • Combination of Re-Bonded Foam, High Density Super Soft Foam and Memory Foam
  • Firm Spine Support
  • Low Motion Transfer
  • Superior Orthopedic Support
  • Balanced Medium to Firm Firmness
  • Soft Knitted cover for a Luxurious feel



  • Comfort: Firm
  • Construction: Re-bonded & Memory Foam
  • Cover: Knitted
  • Turnable: No
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Depth: 16 cm


Medical Mattress Benefits:

  • Lumbar Support

A medical mattress assures better lumbar, i.e., spinal support. Because medical mattresses are made firm, they do not sink due to body weight and hence provide discerning support to the spine.

  • Uninterrupted Sleep

In the absence of back pain, one can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep using a medical mattress. With a regular bed, one tends to shift multiple times to find the best sleeping spot. The sleeper responds to pressure on spine by changing to different position as the bed depresses. This takes place many times during the night and causes a disturbance in sleep.

  • Prevents and Lightens Body Aches

During sleep, while a regular mattress can cause aching joints because of inadequate support, a medical mattress can avert undue stress on the spine and the back. A medical mattress alleviates pain by providing firm support to the aching areas during sleep.

Various factors are considered while designing a medical mattress like an ergonomic design to support the body contours, body weight and spine. With a medical mattress, one gets guaranteed advanced sleep support, which is not possible using any other type of mattress.

  • Better Sleep

A medical mattress offers increased support and comfort to those suffering from backaches, arthritis, and joint related problems. Extra support from a medical mattress helps improve body posture during sleep and reduces odds of feeling pain on waking up.


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