Relaxopedic Pocketed – Spring Air Mattress

Starting * AED 1,518

100 x 190

Starting * AED 1,518

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Perfectly placed support where
you need it.

  • Strategically Placed Latex Over Memory Foam Under Your Waist And Lower Back To Prevent Sinking And Keep Your Spine Aligned At All Times
  • Visco Memory Foam Provides More Support Than Foam Alone.
  • Less Back Pain And More Sleep.
  • Pocketed Coils Add A Buoyant Layer Near The Surface Of The Mattress, Which Provides Perfectly Balanced Contouring To Cradle Your Body As You Rest
  • Each Pocketed Coil Is Manufactured From High-Tensile Wire And Fabric Encased For Independent Motion, Provides High Body Conforming Support And Reduces Motion Transfer Between Partners At Night.


  • Designed For Back-Pain Relief
  • Premium Foams For Luxurious Comfort
  • Strategically Placed Latex Over Memory Foam For Spine Support System
  • Pocketed Springs With Visco Memory Foam In Middle And Belgium Latex Top
  • Motion Cancellation
  • High Body Contouring Ratio
  • Edge To Edge Tech For Side Sleepers
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • High Air Flow Premium Fabric For Temperature Regulation


  • Comfort – Plush Medium Firm
  • Construction – Pocketed Springs Visco & Latex
  • Cover – Knitted
  • Turnable – No
  • Warranty – 10years
  • Depth – 28 Cms


  • Plush Level Of Support
  • Layer Of Latex For Enhanced Comfort
  • Visco Foam Layer For Personalized Comfort
  • Soft Touch, Knitted Cover
  • Non-Turn Mattress, Simply Rotate
  • 10 Years Warranty


Latex foam contours to body’s curves and moves with, providing continuous orthopedic support. As Latex contours to body, the weight is spread over the entire sleep surface. The contouring effect spreads body weight over more of the sleeping surface and minimizes pressure points, thereby enabling a more comfortable sleep. Pressure points can create discomfort and cause to toss and turn more frequently, so a latex mattress will help sleep undisturbed. Another feature of Latex foam is the open cell structure that enables the mattress to breathe. This feature allows the release of body heat and moisture, keeping the sleep surface comfortable.


The feature of temperature sensitivity allows the memory mattress to adjust itself to the sleeper’s body heat and body weight. Other health benefits of the memory foam mattress include relieving pains, body aches, and soreness. The memory mattress does this by selectively displacing pressure along the length of the person’s body. Memory foam helps the sleeper attain an ideal sleeping posture by assisting with proper spinal alignment when lying down.


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