This Cozy Bedroom Décor Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed All Day

Your bed is your favourite item of furniture in the house. It lulls you to sleep after a day of work, and comforts you when you are stressed or sad. But if you want your bed to be the most inviting thing in your room, then you can do the following things:

* Furnish the bed well. You are likely to spend more time in bed if your mattress and pillows are inviting enough. A hard or saggy mattress will prompt you to stay out of bed as much as possible! Get a good quality mattress made of latex or memory foam so that your body is ably and comfortably supported whenever you lie down on it. Similarly, get pillows that offer adequate neck and shoulder support. We guarantee that you will never want to leave your bed if your mattress and pillows are great ones. You can order the best mattresses and pillows online from reputed brands like Mattress Souq in UAE.

* Let there be light! Light plays a big role in shaping our mood and emotions. Ever wonder why grey, cloudy skies make you feel blue, while a bright sky fills you with optimism? Light has a direct effect on your psyche, and it can effect a myriad of emotions in you. But you must play with caution when experimenting with light in terms of bedroom décor. Too bright, and you might feel uncomfortable. Too low, and you might need another light source to supplement the first. Get it just right, and you will have the cosiest, prettiest bedroom. Harness as much natural light as you can – elongate the windows and remove any obstructions so that the light can touch the study area, or bed space.

* Have a headboard. Your bed can be comfortable for sleeping, but is it equally comfortable for lounging around in when you are awake and wanting to watch TV or work on your laptop? You need a headboard to lean against, and which will offer cushioning and support for long periods of time. A tastefully done up headboard is an essential part of bedroom décor that is highly functional as well. Get a soft headboard – about 2 feet in height is sufficient – without a scratchy or quilted texture.

* Cocoon your bed for maximum cosiness. Your bed will feel even more cosy if you create a cocoon-like environment to cloister it. For instance, you can hang light lace curtains around the bed and draw them when you sleep, so that the bed gets darker. Have soft lighting near the bed instead of a harsh cage light or large chandelier.

* Soft colours and textures will do the trick. Colours can influence your mood. For example, warm colours like red or orange can make you feel stifled and uneasy if you are exposed to them for too long. However, those with a melancholic disposition or currently undergoing depression, are advised to stay away from cold colours like grey and steel. Opt for bed linen in pastel shades, and use soft cotton sheets instead of satin or silk ones – the latter are tougher to maintain and offer lower temperature control than cotton.

* Add a bookcase on the adjacent wall. Nothing makes a bed space cosier than a stack of books on the nightstand. But why stop at a stack of books – have a small open unit to function as a bookcase next to the bed. Or a series of open shelves right next to the bed. You will love to curl up in bed with a mystery thriller on a cold winter night, or read a breezy humorous book just before dropping off to bed.

* Whatever you need should be an arm’s length away. Once you are comfortably ensconced in bed, you don’t want to get out of your warm space unless the clock alarm goes off next morning. But you might need to leave your bed if you get thirsty in the night, or need a book, or to switch off the lights. This is not ideal – install a nightstand, a most essential element in bedroom décor, with drawers and a charging port next to your bed. Also, your bed should be structurally strong with the firm mattress which can equal up the weight it is carrying.