Mattress in a Box

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  • MLILY Harmony Luxury Mattress ..

    Multiple Layers of Advanced MLILY Foams.
    Life is about balance. In today’s world full of complex pressures and demands, we understand the need for simple, harmonious support. Our AirCell Foam Mattresses are crafted with performance memory foam designed to relieve pressure along every square inch of your body, delivering a deeper, more fluent night’s sleep that lets you perform at your best each day.

    Balanced Medium Feel
    Double Jacquard Knit Cover
    No-Pressure Comfort
    Top Selling AirCell Medium Feel
    AirCell Memory Foam
    Performance Memory Foam
    Flex Support Foam Base

    AED 1,890.00 AED 2,520.00 Prices are inclusive of VAT
  • Mlily BLISS Aircell Gel MEMORY..

    BLISS Air-Gel Memory series has been specially designed to maximize coolness and provide you with a sleeping surface that moulds to your natural body shape. We’ve mixed in the best of our Mlily Gel AirCell Foam and Flex Support Foam to provide you a range of beds that adapt to you.

    Mattress In A Box is not covered in the 10 Night Trial period

    AED 867.30 AED 1,606.50 Prices are inclusive of VAT

    The MLILY CALM mattress is sure to have any sleeper drifting away to dream land. The soft air gel Dream Foam cradles the body and reduces pressure. The supportive Flex foam provides a restful, restorative sleep. End each day on the right note when sleeping on an MLILY CALM.

    Mattress In A Box is not covered in the 10 Night Trial period

    AED 619.50 AED 1,100.40 Prices are inclusive of VAT

The convenience of mattress in a box makes buying and receiving a delivery of a mattress easier than ever. Imagine, a mattress arrives to your door in a compact size maneuvering tight or congested spaces like corners or stairways! It is so painless and effortless to shift it to wherever you want.

Just unpack, roll out and let the mattress in the box reach to its full shape. It will transform into a full-shaped mattress ready to sleep on.

Mattress Souq offers the best mattress in a box from a well-known brand called MLILY. These mattresses are manufactured with a cutting-edge technology and a customized design to ensure deep and healthy sleep.

Our goal is to make online mattress shopping as hassle-free and quick as possible. Get a free delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities of UAE.

*Mattress In A Box is not covered in the 10 Night Trial period!