Why A Good Night’s Sleep Is Important – And How You Can Get It With The Best Mattress!

Sleep is one of the most underrated, healing elixirs of life. It is the balm for stress, anxiety, a bad mood or even a headache. A good night’s sleep puts the roses back in your cheeks, and puts you in a great mood for the day. But contrast this with a night of poor sleep – you wake up irritable, moody, drowsy and with a heavy head.

Poor sleep or disturbed sleep affects the way you interact with the world. Your attention flags, you take longer than usual to complete your daily tasks, and you are unable to concentrate on details. Meanwhile, your body feels sluggish and unable to carry on. You may try to stay awake by fuelling yourself with coffee. But artificial stimulants can only take you so far – what you need to do is correct your flagging sleep and reset your internal alarm clock so that you get uninterrupted sleep all night.

Let’s start by getting you the right mattress online.

How A Mattress Affects Your Sleep

  • A poorly designed mattress is likely to clump up with regular use. It also cannot offer the kind of firm support your body needs to be able to rest all the major joints and muscles in your body.
  • Most causes of poor sleep can be attributed to body pain – in turn, this is due to the mattress not offering support to the shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. The pain begins to escalate over time, and as a result, you keep waking up in the night. Your sleep is repeatedly disturbed as you try to find a comfortable position on the mattress.
  • Repeated sleep disturbances soon develop into full blown sleep disorders. These can take a toll on your mental, emotional and cardiovascular health. Less than six hours of sleep a night has been linked to problems like weight gain, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, migraines, etc.
  • However, a well-designed mattress that offers full body cushioning instantly relaxes tense muscles and aligns the spine the way it should be aligned. This means that your body finally gets the cushioning and pressured support that it needs, so that the chances of body pain are greatly reduced and then eliminated.
  • As a result, you sleep much more comfortably than before, and there are fewer episodes of waking up during the night. When your sleep patterns change and the frequency of deep sleep phases increase, you will experience good sleep that refreshes and energises you for the next day.

Which Kind of Mattress Should You Buy?

The good news is that leading mattress brands like Mattress Souq help you choose the right kind of mattress for your bed. Buying a mattress in Dubai was never this easy. Just log on to the Mattress Souq website and start browsing for the kind of mattress you want.

Here’s a heads up: if you suffer from any form of body pain arising from your existing mattress, we recommend buying a memory foam or latex mattress. These offer comfortable but firm cushioning, and they conform to your body’s contours with every movement. As a result, you experience deep sleep with superior cushioning.

Place your order for the mattress online and have it delivered and installed in your residence. You can also buy memory foam pillows to go with the mattress.

Leading brands like Mattress Souq also offer a free 10-night trial on mattress in Dubai. You can test the mattress for a period of 10 nights, at the end of which you can exchange or return it if it is not to your liking.

We hope the pointers mentioned in this article help you make the right choice for mattresses online. There can be no substitute for good quality sleep, whether you are young or old. Instead of battling through the day on less sleep, you should focus on changing your current mattress and getting a new one from a leading brand. If you are confused about the kind of mattress you need, ask your doctor for inputs.