A Mattress Buying Guide That Answers The Sleeper in You

Sleeping takes almost one-third of your lifetime, and so doing it right is essential. It is said that the quality of your day is dependent on the night before. The quality of your sleep depends on your sleep time and your mattress. So, sleeping right is vital.

Buying the right mattress is one of the important wise decisions you make from time to time. But hey, which mattress store to visit, which mattress to buy, and what features to look for?

Running through the many mattress stores, surfing online through many mattress websites in UAE, deciding between memory foam and latex mattress, and figuring out how much to spend to bring home a quality mattress can seem daunting. Well, guess what? We have done the hard work for you by bringing you this mattress buying guide.

Options to Buying a Mattress

You have two options:

  1. You can either go down to your nearest mattress store—sleep, check and get the one that suits you best.
  2. You can also get one shipped right to your house. This way, you buy a mattress at a competitive price.

Buying from a mattress store:


  • Take your time with the mattress you like
  • Recline on it for ten minutes to make sure you don’t feel any pressure or pain while sleeping
  • Shop during sales
  • Negotiate the price with the salesperson


  • Do not rush your decision while finding a mattress that feels the best
  • Do not lie down on many mattresses hurriedly
  • Never pay the full price


  • You get to take the feel of the mattress
  • You have more and varied options in a mattress store


  • Buying a mattress in a mattress store can feel overwhelming with so much information
  • Dealing with the salesperson can sometimes be exhausting
  • It is difficult to compare prices and know whether or not you are getting a good deal

Buying a mattress online in UAE:


  • Research well by comparing top mattress UAE sites for getting the best deal
  • Know well about the mattress you’re ordering


  • Do not wait for the best offers as most sites have some or the other offer going on throughout the year


  • Great alternative for those who hate shopping in mattress stores
  • No salesmen to deal with
  • The price of the mattress won’t include any markups
  • Free shipping
  • Minimal risk with a money-back guarantee


  • Less number of options for comparison
  • You typically have to set it up yourself
  • You got to deal with getting rid of your old mattress

Decide Which Mattress is Right for You

Innerspring, foam, and latex are the three major types of mattresses. Note that there is no one right material. Beyond that, you’ll need to figure out what you need in a mattress:

If you:

  • are a side sleeper, the innerspring mattress can provide you with a surface that conforms to your shape and supports your side body weight
  • are a stomach sleeper, a firmer bed can offer you with the best support
  • are a back sleeper, choose a mattress surface that supports as well as aligns your spine
  • have allergies, go for foam or latex mattresses, which are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites
  • have back pain, choose memory foam or latex mattress, which can mold to your body and offer support
  • like a bed with bounce, choose the innerspring mattress
  • want a plush top, select an innerspring mattress with a foam outer layer or fiberfill
  • have a partner that tosses and turns, an innerspring mattress with pocketed coils or a memory foam mattress can provide you with stability
  • sleep hot, choose foam or latex that can hold body heat
  • want a firmer base, go for a memory foam or latex mattress with ample support and comfort

All in all, choose a mattress that answers your problems and makes you feel the best while sleeping.