5 Simple Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Latex Mattress

So you have purchased a brand new latex mattress! Well, that’s one good decision you have made. You’ll enjoy sleeping on a mattress that provides optimum comfort and relaxation. You can buy the latex mattress in Dubai easily with many options available. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased the latex mattress online or offline. Your next step is to know how to care for it.

Fortunately, taking care of a latex mattress does not need much time and effort. You can keep your mattress in good condition and extend its lifespan by following these simple steps:

Let It Breathe

Latex is highly breathable material. Its foam is open-cell type, and it has pinholes, allowing the air to circulate. Again, the longevity of your mattress is dependent on its breathability. You can prevent blocking the underside of your mattress using a slatted base that allows for free air circulation. Moreover, the improved air circulation gives you a more refreshing night’s sleep.

Use A Removable Mattress Cover

A latex mattress usually comes with a removable mattress cover. It is often fully enclosed and can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Things like smell, sweat, bugs, and stains regularly accumulate on a mattress. By using a removable mattress cover, you can keep such matter out at the cover and protect your mattress. Take care of your hygiene and health by washing the mattress cover from time to time. If you do not have a removable cover, then we recommend you purchase one.

Gentle Cleaning As & When Required

If a spill occurs on your mattress in spite of having the mattress cover on, clean the mattress carefully. Use a damp cloth and clean gently. A latex mattress does not require complicated cleaning.

Turn & Flip Your Mattress Every Six Months

Turning and flipping your latex mattress from time to time ensures that your body pressure gets evenly distributed across the mattress every time you sleep. It makes the mattress more comfortable for you.

Turn your mattress 180 degrees to interchange the head and foot of the bed. Flip your mattress over its long edge. Thus, you get a completely new surface to sleep on.

Avoid Exposure of Mattress to Sun

If you are using a mattress cover, make sure that your latex mattress is not exposed to direct sunlight when the cover is removed for cleaning. Direct sunshine can cause the latex to break down and shorten the mattress’s lifespan. Nevertheless, exposure to the sun won’t be an issue if it is covered with a mattress cover.


Thus, you need to make little efforts to care for and extend the lifespan of your latex mattress. The critical things for this are: allowing your mattress to breathe, using a removable mattress cover, cleaning the spots gently, flipping the bed every six months, and avoiding exposure to the sun.

Thus, you don’t have to spend much time in the maintenance of your new latex mattress.