How to Buy Mattresses Online Without Paying the Huge Mark-up in Dubai

How to Buy Mattresses Online Without Paying the Huge Mark-up in Dubai

Buying a mattress is a serious business. It is not like buying an electronics item like a TV set or a phone, where you can go browse through the store for hours. Most people browse endlessly for clothes and other items without making an actual purchase in the end. However, a mattress purchase does not fall in the category of ‘window shopping’ – you are most likely to start looking for a good one, find it and proceed to buy it. It is an acquisition that will stay with you for years, so you have to be sure of it before you put down your money.

Except – the high mark-up prices on mattresses in the city leave you daunted. You definitely need a good mattress, but the prices send you reeling. Also, you get the feeling that you are somehow being short-changed: surely a mattress should not cost all that much to make and sell!

You are right – many stores and brands add a mark-up (additional charges over the retail price to account for overheads and profits) to the mattress’s price. This means that you end up paying much more than you should, but you are unaware of the extra margin of payment. But you are not doomed to buy a mattress at an inflated price. Just follow the simple hacks we’ve listed below to beat the mark-up price and still get the best mattress of your choice:

* Buy the mattress online and not offline.

The first thing to do when buying a mattress in Dubai is to do your research – online. We would even go as far as saying that you should buy the mattress online as well, instead of going to the mattress showroom. Buying the mattress online will cost you much less, and you get the same product as the one you see in the showroom. Brick-and-mortar store items are often priced higher, since they factor in several overheads into the final mark-up price: store space, storage and inventory space, salesperson salaries and commissions, etc. Online prices are lower than offline ones, because they take into account the mattress’s base price plus shipping costs. So if you want to beat the huge mark-up price, buy the mattress online instead of going to a showroom.

* Look for festive season sales.

Another way to beat the high mark-up prices in the city and get a good deal in the bargain, is to wait for festive season sales. Sales are normally announced when brands want to offload unsold inventory at lower prices, or to usher in more customers during the festive period. Wait for these times of the year to buy the mattress online.

* Use discount or coupon codes, or get discounts for referring a friend.

Some mattress brands in the city offer discounts for a limited period, or codes you can redeem for a discount when you buy the mattress online. This is a good way to get the mattress you want at a price that you are comfortable with. Some brands also offer a discount on your purchase, or cashback or redeemable points, if you refer a friend who also makes a purchase from the same brand. These are all legit ways to buy the mattress online without paying the high mark-up.

* Buy a brand that does not overcharge for the best product.

There are several mattress brands in Dubai, but very few reliable ones. By ‘reliable’ we mean those brands that do not oversell the mattress’s attributes, or make claims that are just not true, or which price their mattresses higher than their competitors’ for no fathomable reason. But it’s not all bad news – there are a few great brands in the city that offer affordable products that have high longevity. Buy the mattress online from Dubai’s leading brands that offer great prices, excellent features and easy purchase process.

We hope these tips are useful to you and help you land a great deal when buying a mattress online. It is always better to be as economical as possible when buying mattresses – and the money you save could go towards buying pillows and bed linen.