This Cozy Bedroom Décor Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed All Day

Your bed is your favourite item of furniture in the house. It lulls you to sleep after a day of work, and comforts you when you are stressed or sad. But if you want your bed to be the most inviting thing in your room, then you can do the following things:

* Furnish the bed well. You are likely to spend more time in bed if your mattress and pillows are inviting enough. A hard or saggy mattress will prompt you to stay out of bed as much as possible! Get a good quality mattress made of latex or memory foam so that your body is ably and comfortably supported whenever you lie down on it. Similarly, get pillows that offer adequate neck and shoulder support. We guarantee that you will never want to leave your bed if your mattress and pillows are great ones. You can order the best mattresses and pillows online from reputed brands like Mattress Souq in UAE.

* Let there be light! Light plays a big role in shaping our mood and emotions. Ever wonder why grey, cloudy skies make you feel blue, while a bright sky fills you with optimism? Light has a direct effect on your psyche, and it can effect a myriad of emotions in you. But you must play with caution when experimenting with light in terms of bedroom décor. Too bright, and you might feel uncomfortable. Too low, and you might need another light source to supplement the first. Get it just right, and you will have the cosiest, prettiest bedroom. Harness as much natural light as you can – elongate the windows and remove any obstructions so that the light can touch the study area, or bed space.

* Have a headboard. Your bed can be comfortable for sleeping, but is it equally comfortable for lounging around in when you are awake and wanting to watch TV or work on your laptop? You need a headboard to lean against, and which will offer cushioning and support for long periods of time. A tastefully done up headboard is an essential part of bedroom décor that is highly functional as well. Get a soft headboard – about 2 feet in height is sufficient – without a scratchy or quilted texture.

* Cocoon your bed for maximum cosiness. Your bed will feel even more cosy if you create a cocoon-like environment to cloister it. For instance, you can hang light lace curtains around the bed and draw them when you sleep, so that the bed gets darker. Have soft lighting near the bed instead of a harsh cage light or large chandelier.

* Soft colours and textures will do the trick. Colours can influence your mood. For example, warm colours like red or orange can make you feel stifled and uneasy if you are exposed to them for too long. However, those with a melancholic disposition or currently undergoing depression, are advised to stay away from cold colours like grey and steel. Opt for bed linen in pastel shades, and use soft cotton sheets instead of satin or silk ones – the latter are tougher to maintain and offer lower temperature control than cotton.

* Add a bookcase on the adjacent wall. Nothing makes a bed space cosier than a stack of books on the nightstand. But why stop at a stack of books – have a small open unit to function as a bookcase next to the bed. Or a series of open shelves right next to the bed. You will love to curl up in bed with a mystery thriller on a cold winter night, or read a breezy humorous book just before dropping off to bed.

* Whatever you need should be an arm’s length away. Once you are comfortably ensconced in bed, you don’t want to get out of your warm space unless the clock alarm goes off next morning. But you might need to leave your bed if you get thirsty in the night, or need a book, or to switch off the lights. This is not ideal – install a nightstand, a most essential element in bedroom décor, with drawers and a charging port next to your bed. Also, your bed should be structurally strong with the firm mattress which can equal up the weight it is carrying.

Bedroom Furniture Arrangements to Make it Look More Beautiful

The bedroom is the most used room in the house. Designing it to suit your sensibilities and lifestyle is both challenging and fun. This article gives some easy pointers on how to arrange bedroom furniture to make the space more appealing and comfortable.

As with any aspect of house design, start with a detailed floor plan. If you are unable to make one by yourself, get a good interior designer to draw a plan for the bedroom, detailing where each item of furniture will go, how much floor space is at your disposal, what the colour scheme will be like, and so on. At this stage, it helps to have a few different options at hand, so that you can mix and match the designs by yourself while executing the layout.

Apart from getting a floor plan, here’s what you can do to create a wonderful bedroom using bedroom furniture arrangement principles:

* Symmetry is your friend. The human eye is trained to look for symmetry and order. A messy desk puts you in a negative frame of mind, while an orderly one gives off a positive vibe. Similarly, a bedroom that follows the rules of visual symmetry: a large ceiling lamp in the centre of the room instead of an off-centre one, the bed in the centre with equal floor space on either side, even a study table whose length is the same as the window’s – these are elements that catch the eye and please it. When arranging your bedroom furniture, ensure there is some symmetry in the layout so that placing other furniture and furnishings also becomes easier.

* Make the bed a more inviting one. The bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom. In fact, most bedrooms arrange the rest of the furniture vis-à-vis the bed placement and size. Since the bed is the single most attractive visual entity in the room, it must be a special one. If you are investing in a new bed, you can go the whole distance and get a wrought one frame, or a bed with posts, and have a thick and comfortable mattress to sink in. Finish with a set of soft pillows and attractive bed linen.

* Colour brings the décor together. Bedroom furniture is not just about physical presence. It is as much about texture and colour than it is about size and placement. Often, we tend to think only about placing the bedroom furniture in a certain manner, without thinking at first about the colour scheme. Colour is not only limited to the walls, but extends itself in conjunction with the colour of the furniture itself. If you have a set of vintage wooden pieces for your bedroom furniture – bed, nightstands, study table, chair – then you can go with a muted colour palette or cool one to offset the furniture. In contrast, warm colour schemes work well with steel or wrought iron furniture.

* It’s all in the details. Every detail counts towards the whole – this is the underlying philosophy of spatial design. It’s all very well to arrange the bigger bedroom furniture a certain way, but only the small details will bring the arrangement together. For instance, a new window frame looks prettier with a small indoor plant on the sill, or a set of lace curtains to go with the window. Adorn the ceiling with a string of small spotlights above the bed instead of a single bland pendant light, and have a plush floor rug next to the bed, in a warm or fiery colour.

* Add a resting corner. A bedroom is your sanctuary and your place of refuge from the world. But even within the bedroom, you would like to have a separate space where you would like to sit and sip on a cup of coffee, or read a book, or just rest with your laptop before you go to bed. Find a cosy corner in the bedroom and place a sofa chair with a footstool in it, and have a throw rug on the back of the chair. Add a soft light source next to the chair to complete the corner.

*Having a Mattress. Having a mattress that match with the style and décor of your bedroom. Mattresses are the main aspect which comes in the eyes when we enter the bedroom. Even having pillows which blends also works. If everything in the room matches, it brings the colorful and lively atmosphere to the room. It works in both the cases whether you are looking out for a match or mix and match color combinations.

Were these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments below.

The made-for-all mattress – Myth Debunked

It’s been a long day at work or running around doing the house chores. At the end of the day, all you want to do is lie down and get a good night’s sleep. After all, sleep plays a vital role to ensure that you are in peak physical health. For
example, when you are asleep your body is healing and repairing itself. If you are not getting good quality sleep, there is a chance of risking heart disease, high blood pressure, stress amongst other ailments.

When it comes to sleeping, the importance that the mattress plays is something that we all undermine. People tend to undermine the research behind getting the right mattress and rather end up buying those which they believe works for all. However,
just like in clothes, where one size never fits all, even in mattresses, you need to get yourself what you need. At Mattress Souq each individual is assigned to a sleep expert to help make the right buy to meet individual requirements.

There are multiple brands that end up developing and selling mattresses as a ‘made-for-all’ concept. However, that is misleading and incorrect. We urge buyers to not get caught in that web. In fact, the best thing would be to ask your chiropractor or
your general physician the importance of getting a mattress that is tailormade to your requirements.

These, made-for-all mattresses are using these marketing strategies that help reduce research and development cost, raw material cost and hence increase profits. These companies are mass manufactures, that make you feel that your needs are taken care
of, but in all honesty can’t be farther away from the truth.

A simple example, the importance of mattresses is to ensure that other than good sleep, you ensure good spine health, comfort for your body type. Here at Mattrress Souq
we put customers first and ensure that our products meet the requirement for each individual.

Each model that is designed, is done so after years of intensive research, feedback from users, permutations and combinations to meet requirements and offer a wide variety of products. We do not mass produce mattresses, instead we produce a mattress
once a user places an order. Some of the brands that we sell as the largest manufacturer in the region are SpringAir, Springwall, MLily, and our home-grown label MattressSouq among others.

Why should you purchase your mattress from Mattress Souq?

  • Free delivery at your doorstep across UAE.
  • Payment by either cash or card after the delivery of your mattress is accepted by you.
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed given the research gone into manufacturing.
  • 10-night trial—Test our mattress for 10 nights and if you are not satisfied with our product, you could get it replaced.
  • Pay for surety and quality. We offer the best-priced mattresses in UAE.

So, make a wise choice and sleep well. It is time you put your needs ahead of someone else’s profit. Remember, just like one medicine cannot cure all diseases, a made-for-all mattress cannot be suitable for everyone.

How to Buy Mattresses Online Without Paying the Huge Mark-up in Dubai

How to Buy Mattresses Online Without Paying the Huge Mark-up in Dubai

Buying a mattress is a serious business. It is not like buying an electronics item like a TV set or a phone, where you can go browse through the store for hours. Most people browse endlessly for clothes and other items without making an actual purchase in the end. However, a mattress purchase does not fall in the category of ‘window shopping’ – you are most likely to start looking for a good one, find it and proceed to buy it. It is an acquisition that will stay with you for years, so you have to be sure of it before you put down your money.

Except – the high mark-up prices on mattresses in the city leave you daunted. You definitely need a good mattress, but the prices send you reeling. Also, you get the feeling that you are somehow being short-changed: surely a mattress should not cost all that much to make and sell!

You are right – many stores and brands add a mark-up (additional charges over the retail price to account for overheads and profits) to the mattress’s price. This means that you end up paying much more than you should, but you are unaware of the extra margin of payment. But you are not doomed to buy a mattress at an inflated price. Just follow the simple hacks we’ve listed below to beat the mark-up price and still get the best mattress of your choice:

* Buy the mattress online and not offline.

The first thing to do when buying a mattress in Dubai is to do your research – online. We would even go as far as saying that you should buy the mattress online as well, instead of going to the mattress showroom. Buying the mattress online will cost you much less, and you get the same product as the one you see in the showroom. Brick-and-mortar store items are often priced higher, since they factor in several overheads into the final mark-up price: store space, storage and inventory space, salesperson salaries and commissions, etc. Online prices are lower than offline ones, because they take into account the mattress’s base price plus shipping costs. So if you want to beat the huge mark-up price, buy the mattress online instead of going to a showroom.

* Look for festive season sales.

Another way to beat the high mark-up prices in the city and get a good deal in the bargain, is to wait for festive season sales. Sales are normally announced when brands want to offload unsold inventory at lower prices, or to usher in more customers during the festive period. Wait for these times of the year to buy the mattress online.

* Use discount or coupon codes, or get discounts for referring a friend.

Some mattress brands in the city offer discounts for a limited period, or codes you can redeem for a discount when you buy the mattress online. This is a good way to get the mattress you want at a price that you are comfortable with. Some brands also offer a discount on your purchase, or cashback or redeemable points, if you refer a friend who also makes a purchase from the same brand. These are all legit ways to buy the mattress online without paying the high mark-up.

* Buy a brand that does not overcharge for the best product.

There are several mattress brands in Dubai, but very few reliable ones. By ‘reliable’ we mean those brands that do not oversell the mattress’s attributes, or make claims that are just not true, or which price their mattresses higher than their competitors’ for no fathomable reason. But it’s not all bad news – there are a few great brands in the city that offer affordable products that have high longevity. Buy the mattress online from Dubai’s leading brands that offer great prices, excellent features and easy purchase process.

We hope these tips are useful to you and help you land a great deal when buying a mattress online. It is always better to be as economical as possible when buying mattresses – and the money you save could go towards buying pillows and bed linen.