Medicated Re Bonded Mattress

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For firm orthopedic support

  • Compressed PU foam is called medical.
  • Medical foam gives extra hard /firm back support.
  • Best suited for senior age individuals or only if recommended by a health professional.

Improve your posture while you sleep – invest in one of Mattress Souq’s top-quality medicated and orthopedic mattresses and experience significant relief from back pain while you enjoy sound sleep through the night.

Looking for an orthopedic mattress online? Check our online store’s wide range of orthopedic and medicated mattresses, all offered at the most affordable prices. Plus, they come with free shipping to anywhere within Dubai and the UAE!

Own an orthopedic mattress in Dubai and say goodbye to backache and body pain

These mattresses are specifically designed to help alleviate spinal stress and correct spine alignment, making it the ideal choice for individuals suffering from back pain. Feeling tired even after just waking up? Medicated mattresses soothe pressure points that cause pain and discomfort in the body, which allows you to sleep better and more comfortably, and feel rejuvenated in the morning.

Our orthopedic mattresses are available in varying degrees of firmness, so you can choose the right density and support level you need. Whatever type, brand or size of mattress you need, you can find it here!

  • What is a medicated mattress?

A mattress made using medicinal materials to provide a particular set of properties to a mattress is called a medicated mattress. The use of medicinal substances makes a mattress healthy and helps you with back pain.

Medicated mattresses are known for providing physiological support during sleep. A medicated mattress offers correct body support, right spine alignment, and relief at pressure points. The mattress offers relief, comfort, and support to those suffering from pains and aches.

  • What are the benefits of medicated mattress?

Top benefits of medicated mattress:

    • It is hypoallergenic with anti-dust mite properties
    • It helps in reducing mould and moisture
    • It gives drier, fresher, and healthier cushioning for better health
    • A medicated cushion offers better lumbar, i.e., spinal support
    • It gives optimal support to all human pressure points
    • It prevents and lightens body aches
    • It offers guaranteed advanced sleep support
    • It eliminates the roll-together effect
    • It alleviates spinal stress and helps maintain natural spine alignment
    • It effectively balances lower portions of the body
  • How much does a medicated mattress cost?

The cost of a medicated mattress ranges between AED 265 and 880 on Mattress Souq.

  • Is orthopedic and medicated mattress the same?

Yes, orthopedic mattress and medicated mattress are the same. Medicated mattresses are often prescribed by doctors for orthopedic conditions involving joint and back pain.

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