Pocket Spring Mattress

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Pocket Spring Mattress

Advance independent coil system for medium firm to plush comfort.

  • Pocketed springs are individually placed in the mattress
  • Each spring is not connected to each other and is individually wrapped in non-woven fabric.
  • Hence the mattress provides better spine support and motion cancellation.

Pocket Spring Mattress at Mattress Souq

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coils sealed in a fabric pocket and stitched together to form a mattress base. The spring coils work independently of each other in a Pocket Spring Mattress, providing better support than the traditional open coil mattresses.

Because the pocket springs are individually housed, upon applying pressure, the movement is limited to only a specific area of the mattress. Hence, a Pocket Spring Mattress reduces the ‘roll-together’ movement between you and your partner.

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Types of Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattresses come in a variety of comfort grades, from soft to medium to firm. The choice of the comfort grade depends on your personal preferences, and mainly on your sleeping position.

● A soft comfort grade mattress offers excellent cushioning recommended for side sleepers because their pressure points are their hips and elbows.

● A medium comfort grade mattress offers both cushioning and support recommended for those who sleep on their back and their front to help the spine keep its natural positioning.

● A firm comfort grade mattress is recommended for back sleepers to offer the best spine support.

Key Features

● Pocket coils are not interconnected and hence, upon pressure, act on their own

● When you apply pressure to a pocket spring mattress, only the coils that are being pressed will react

● Prevents ‘roll together’ movement between sleepers

● Provides excellent support to the body while sleeping


No ‘Roll together’ Movement

As each pocket spring reacts independently to pressure applied, the mattress supports body weight individually that reduces the feeling of rolling into your partner during the sleep.

Consistent Firmness

As each pocket spring is housed within its own pocket, the mattress holds a constant tension throughout, creating an even level of firmness in the mattress.

Complete Body Support

Provides a consistent and total body support.

Pressure Relief

Since pocket springs work separately, the mattress helps you feel comfortable and well-supported in your sleep. Because the mattress conforms better to the shape of the body, the pressure applied by the mattress on your body frame is distributed evenly, your spine takes a better shape, and your blood circulation improves.

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