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Mattress Souq is an online marketplace selling quality mattresses and bedding products in UAE. Purchase comfortable and luxurious mattresses from Mattress Souq for a relaxed goodnight sleep. Take your pick from our wide range of well appointed mattresses.

Order Value for Money Mattresses

Mattress Souq provides good quality mattresses at affordable prices. We sell mattresses from world-renowned brands like Spring Air and Springwall. We also provide value for money mattresses from Mattress Souq. Directly order the mattress of your choice on our online store, and we will deliver it at your doorstep for free. We serve in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and many other cities across UAE.

Choose from a Wide Range of Products

At Mattress Souq, you can choose from a wide range of mattresses and bed products from brands like Spring Air, Springwall and Mattress Souq.

Mattress Souq

Purchase Nature-Latex Pedic Hybrid Mattress from Mattress Souq, which is a combination of latex and a highly resilient foam. The mattress provides features like balanced comfort and better breathability that help you sleep better.

Ortho Posture Support Mattress is another product from Mattress Souq that is made from rebonded foam, super soft foam and memory foam combined. The quilting on the top of the mattress provides a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Dr Ortho Mattress from the house of Mattress Souq is a high-quality foam mattress with an extraordinary capacity of adapting the pressure exercised by the body. It is a highly durable mattress and thus a value for money product.

Spring Air

We have a mattress from Spring Air called Relaxopedic Hybrid Mattress that is made with high-quality memory foam layers that provide pressure relief. A memory foam mattress like this relieves pains, body aches and soreness and thus provides plenty of health benefits.

Nature’s best Mattress from Spring Air is made with seven zone core latex for optimal support. The use of latex prevents the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus making it the choicest option for our health-conscious customers.

Burlington Mattress from Spring Air has a combination of Bonnell Spring and a layer of foam to give your body the correct postural alignment and firm body support. Shop for Spring Air mattresses only on Mattress Souq.


Royale Comfort N-Lat Mattress from Springwall is made up of pocket springs combined with comfort layers of natural latex to contour your body with the correct support.

Another mattress from Springwall, Rome Mattress constitutes Bonnell Spring and a foam layer to provide your body with proper postural alignment and support. Order mattresses from Springwall on Mattress Souq.

Why Buy at Mattress Souq?

• Order the mattress of your choice online and get it delivered for free at your doorstep across UAE
• Payment by cash or card after the delivery of your mattress is accepted
• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• 10-night trial—Test our mattress for 10 nights and if you are not satisfied with our product, you could get it replaced
• We offer the best-priced mattresses in UAE

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