Bedroom Furniture Arrangements to Make it Look More Beautiful

The bedroom is the most used room in the house. Designing it to suit your sensibilities and lifestyle is both challenging and fun. This article gives some easy pointers on how to arrange bedroom furniture to make the space more appealing and comfortable.

As with any aspect of house design, start with a detailed floor plan. If you are unable to make one by yourself, get a good interior designer to draw a plan for the bedroom, detailing where each item of furniture will go, how much floor space is at your disposal, what the colour scheme will be like, and so on. At this stage, it helps to have a few different options at hand, so that you can mix and match the designs by yourself while executing the layout.

Apart from getting a floor plan, here’s what you can do to create a wonderful bedroom using bedroom furniture arrangement principles:

* Symmetry is your friend. The human eye is trained to look for symmetry and order. A messy desk puts you in a negative frame of mind, while an orderly one gives off a positive vibe. Similarly, a bedroom that follows the rules of visual symmetry: a large ceiling lamp in the centre of the room instead of an off-centre one, the bed in the centre with equal floor space on either side, even a study table whose length is the same as the window’s – these are elements that catch the eye and please it. When arranging your bedroom furniture, ensure there is some symmetry in the layout so that placing other furniture and furnishings also becomes easier.

* Make the bed a more inviting one. The bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom. In fact, most bedrooms arrange the rest of the furniture vis-à-vis the bed placement and size. Since the bed is the single most attractive visual entity in the room, it must be a special one. If you are investing in a new bed, you can go the whole distance and get a wrought one frame, or a bed with posts, and have a thick and comfortable mattress to sink in. Finish with a set of soft pillows and attractive bed linen.

* Colour brings the décor together. Bedroom furniture is not just about physical presence. It is as much about texture and colour than it is about size and placement. Often, we tend to think only about placing the bedroom furniture in a certain manner, without thinking at first about the colour scheme. Colour is not only limited to the walls, but extends itself in conjunction with the colour of the furniture itself. If you have a set of vintage wooden pieces for your bedroom furniture – bed, nightstands, study table, chair – then you can go with a muted colour palette or cool one to offset the furniture. In contrast, warm colour schemes work well with steel or wrought iron furniture.

* It’s all in the details. Every detail counts towards the whole – this is the underlying philosophy of spatial design. It’s all very well to arrange the bigger bedroom furniture a certain way, but only the small details will bring the arrangement together. For instance, a new window frame looks prettier with a small indoor plant on the sill, or a set of lace curtains to go with the window. Adorn the ceiling with a string of small spotlights above the bed instead of a single bland pendant light, and have a plush floor rug next to the bed, in a warm or fiery colour.

* Add a resting corner. A bedroom is your sanctuary and your place of refuge from the world. But even within the bedroom, you would like to have a separate space where you would like to sit and sip on a cup of coffee, or read a book, or just rest with your laptop before you go to bed. Find a cosy corner in the bedroom and place a sofa chair with a footstool in it, and have a throw rug on the back of the chair. Add a soft light source next to the chair to complete the corner.

*Having a Mattress. Having a mattress that match with the style and décor of your bedroom. Mattresses are the main aspect which comes in the eyes when we enter the bedroom. Even having pillows which blends also works. If everything in the room matches, it brings the colorful and lively atmosphere to the room. It works in both the cases whether you are looking out for a match or mix and match color combinations.

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