Bedroom Remodel? Get The Right Mattress First

You’ve recently taken a good look at your bedroom and decided that it needs an urgent remodel. You want to give the room a complete makeover with new paint, new upholstery, even new bedding and curtains. But have you overlooked one vital part in this remodel plan? Have you forgotten to check if your current mattress needs to be replaced with a new, better one?

Why the Right Mattress Matters?

The mattress you are currently using may have been your hidden enemy for years – and you didn’t even realise it. The very first thing you have to do is get rid of your old, lumpy mattress and get a new, firm one. This is true of any ordinary mattress that is not designed for several years of use. Meanwhile, you must urgently throw away your old mattress if you have been a victim of unexplained body pain for a long time.

A firm mattress does not mean it has to be a hard one. A firm mattress from a leading brand like Mattress Souq is designed to offer adequate support to the major joints of the body. It does not sag under your weight, but instead, conforms to your body’s contours. Thus, the spine remains adequately supported while you sleep, thus relaxing the muscles and joints. If you were waking up with body pain earlier, you won’t experience any pain once you buy the right mattress suited to your weight and health requirements.

How Your Mattress Has Been Harming You

Still don’t believe that your mattress can cause body pain? These are the most common types of body aches associated with soft, saggy mattresses:

  • Stiff or painful shoulders on waking up, with the shoulders feeling stiff for a few hours after
  • A painful back that feels painful to the touch
  • Back pain accompanied by stiffness
  • Back pain that seems to intensify with sleep, but reduces in intensity after you wake up and stretch
  • Neck pain increases in intensity over time, but which starts off as a dull ache and makes moving the neck difficult

How To Choose The Best Mattress Online

  • Always look up the online catalogues of leading mattress manufacturers in the city. You can find the best mattress online from brands like Mattress Souq.
  • Check your bed dimensions before placing the order.
  • Check the kind of mattress you want: Hybrid, Gel, Latex, Memory Foam, Orthopedic, Visco Pedic, Therapedic, etc. Mattress Souq has all these kinds of mattresses and many more.
  • The mattress you buy must be firm, not hard. If need be, check the mattress before buying. When you lie down on it, it must not dip under your weight but must stay supportive.
  • Leading stores like Mattress Souq offer a wide range of mattresses online. Compare their features, and look for important attributes like body contouring ratio, coil support, whether the mattress offers posture correction, if it contains high density virgin foam or is a memory foam mattress, etc. Another advantage of buying the mattress online from Mattress Souq, is that the brand gives you the chance to test out your new mattress for 10 nights. If you don’t like it, you may exchange it for another or ask for a refund.
  • Also check if the covering fabric on the mattress is a soft, breathable one. Some mattresses offer antibacterial protection and are resistant to fluid and crumb spills.

Once you select and buy the mattress online, it is delivered to your doorstep and installed in your bed. Here’s to a successful bedroom remodel and several years of great sleep on your new mattress!